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Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
karzai and david cameron had a meeting to spend a six-month deadline on tax of the taliban. two ambition i pakistan was a political party functioning in society? and two, to think the footprint strategy is fun for the united states in afghanistan long-term? >> the first one is to speak to in terms of where they see the taliban up but i love all an integrated in the mainstream of society. they do have constitutional obligations they seem to uphold that we are also looking with the united states transitions and if ken estanislao. there is a timeline as well in an election to be held in afghanistan. so these are processes and political decisions they must make themselves. and when i say this, i do want to point to the historic ship that pakistan is proactively making. our government has been clear, including all of our stakeholders, which includes the military that pakistan is going to strenuously support all efforts of stabilizing afghanistan and bringing peace to the region because that is the know our vital interests. we live right they are and it's stable and peaceful afghanistan is in
Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
states has the highest corporate tax rates in the world. 35% of the federal level when you had sued have local taxes it's much higher than the employer and job creators here in america. how it impacts business is, including how it can be fact driven to decision regarding where to locate manufacturing facilities or how much to invest in r&d, how business investment higher competitiveness be impacted if we eliminated corporate tax altogether such as my job actives. the jobs that will reduce corporate taxes to zero in capital gains taxes to zero and partially would be huge economic boom instead of raising taxes would raise taxpayers with good paying jobs. as you please discuss that? >> i will not disagree with your final conclusion. i also know it brings the double taxation dialogue, especially in difficult times. i think the conclusion that you're alluding to in the question is very clear. we compete against companies headquartered in taiwan, for example, and some of them virtually have zero tax rate. so if we try to operate investors are working against some number incrementally to 35% le
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
the taxes have been taken out of the front end. truthfully we need much by research to the question. >> i would agree with that. senator enzi, we haven't done extensive research. we see powerful resource with the roth ira and the roth plan for incremental savings coupled with audio. i don't have distinctive research at this point. >> i hope we stay in effect with possibilities. what is the amount of regulation and the possibility for liability. that's it to think small businessman tony to keep them from going into this. i used to do the accounting primarily for fire when k. and do fairness testing. packets into other top executives are getting paid more in saving more versus the other people. do you have anything hessians for ways the regulation could be made simpler perhaps for small business? mr. moslander come you are dating to that. >> sure they regulation is the typical name, especially when fiduciary response ability. one of them are created and unintended positive consequences can put it elsewhere. it might be the portability possibilities difficult today to change jobs, but the fi
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
it is and it is important. the european council is now moving on. when we didn't support the tax of [inaudible] , because their implications, yet the first meeting, it was the first item on the agenda. the countries that supported this could get out of. i think during this current time, we need to start the negotiations for free trade between the eu and the u.s. the greatest trading block on earth, which is the european union, and the united states will be able to understand how this can happen. the u.s. will become an exporter of energy with the changes that have happened there. we need much more focus ourselves. at the end of the day, it is always about jobs and that means injecting growth into european economies as a result of jobs that are being created for millions of young people across tiernan and give them hope and inspiration and motivation that politics actually >> one of the things that we should be doing, is to pick the low hanging fruits, and they are out there. we could finalize the trade agreements. we are hopeful that this is what we should be doing. we were so eager to finalize this. why
Feb 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
, you come to understand wonderful people you really like may not see benefits or taxes that people may not ask for this pros may not ask for this. it's really uncharted territory. and of course, there are abuses that some of them we read about in the media and others we don't. and the big picture as maureen mentioned it's a huge growing area. one of the fastest growing area in. we have the baby boomers recently turning 65. that's a huge demographic movement in the economy that will drive this industry, and yet you have wage pressures all around for home help aids in particular. much comes from maryland candidate and the government. we know the budget pressures there and the individual employers side. you have budget pressure because it's not just care giverring but other people in low wage jobs. national unemployment law project reported lower wage occupation for 21% of job losses during the recession. 58% of new jobs in recovery. so how can domestic work largely unregulated provide not just jobs but decent jobs that will keep them out of poverty? what the challenges and opportunities?
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
have to protect yourself and family from. one less person you have to pay for. one more tax paying productive member of society who may invent a new energy source or come up with a cure for can cancer. they are all important and we need every single one of them. [applause] when you go home tonight, please read about it. why is it so important that we educate our people? we don't want to go down the same pathway as many other pinnacle nation who are spreaded us. i think particularly about ancient roam. rome. very powerful. nobody could challenge them militarily. what happened to them? they destroyed themselves from within. moral decay. fiscal irresponsibility. they destroyed themselves. if you don't think that can happen to america, you get out the books and start reading. but, you know, we can fix it. why can we fix it? because we're smart. we have some of the most intellectually gifted people leading our nation. all we need to do is remember what our real responsibilities are so we can solve the problems. i think about these problems all the time. and, you know
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6